Edit: In light of many questions from the people I encounter, I have compiled a list of frequently asked questions (April 7th, 2013)

Q: Why are people’s names void on your blog?
A: It is my strict belief that no individual within the kink scene is above or below one another, regardless of age and experience. Even community leaders or those who have consented to having their real names or scene names published are not privy to this belief – save for those who have a major influence over my experiences (See: Asshole)

Q: When do you think your trip will be complete?
A: Originally the expedition was estimated to be around August in time for the Pride Parade. Eventually I reached New York in mid-August prior to its completion on the 30th. It was not until October before I arrived home, relatively intact.

Q: Where do you get the funding for this venture?
A: Personal savings.

Q: How do you travel around during the course of your journey?
A: By foot and by bus, train or boat.

Q: Please write an entry about me! I’ll pay you/suck your cock/put out a good word in return!
A: No.

Q: Your blog seems to be based off your own interpretation and views on the scene.
A: This blog is first and foremost a diary, a kinky traveler’s journal second; all gathered information through interviews and interaction are entirely composed by each person I’ve met and not any one in particular.

Q: What are your plans for the blog’s future now that your journey has been completed?
A: As of the moment, I am writing a book and memoir regarding the experience on the road, along with the numerous stories told by the people in the neighboring communities I’d visited. The blog is currently updated irregularly, but keep an eye out from time to time: the adventure may be over but my journey still continues.


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