External Links

Here are a few links to other websites and blogs:


i_heart_fetlife_1601Arguably the best free BDSM/fetish networking site today. Users have access to events listings and group forums nearby their immediate area or beyond. Essential for finding your local events or munch gatherings.

Rubber Bound Princess Diaries

cropped-header1A constantly updated blog run by a married D/s couple, intimately following the lives of two rubber enthusiasts.

Pussy Tales

e5deed0b23859e5467474ba5a03b31bdA quirky candid yet deviously naughty blog that follows the kinky adventures of a female sub and her escapades.

Playing Your Hand Right

default-headerGritty, down to earth, Playing Your Hand Right is the ongoing journal of Taylor Oceans, a former drug dealer, documenting his adventures abroad and living life. A powerful look into the fine art of living.

Divine is the New Me

cropped-cropped-339470_10100489441307525_706175473_oNot for the faint of heart. A blog written by a former classmate and survivor, documenting sexual abuse.


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