An Open Message to He-Who-Should-Not-Be-Named

​Look. Real talk? Real talk.
Us “weirdos” only do the things we do with express consent. Everything about what we do in private is with consent. We don’t grab strangers by their crotch without getting thrown out into the curb or getting curbstomped entirely.

There is no gray area. It’s either yes or no and understanding that no means no. Plain and simple. Black and white. No “it’s just locker room talk” bullshit. No “this is a dark day and age” nonsense.

Fuck. You.

Even the activity of consensual non-consent emphasizes on pre-negotiated consent. You can’t get any clearer than that. There is no fine line. You either get permission or you don’t. If not, you don’t force the issue, you learn to respect other people and walk the fuck away.

But when you actually have the gall to admit to having been guilty of predatory behavior, let alone unapologetically, it doesn’t matter who or how famous you are –  you’re branded for life. You’re a guilty rapist pig. Noone should ever feel safe around you. You shouldn’t be allowed into any events with sane people who happen to value consent.

An apology is never enough.

And no, changing the subject and talking about defeating ISIS is only going to get your teeth kicked in if you’re from where I’m from.

Holy fuck if you’re not the biggest smug motherfucker I’ve ever seen.

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