A Straightforward Message: Scene Bullying

I’ll just say in advance that there’s no being polite for what I’m about to say. Hell, when it comes to getting things off my chest, I’d like to think I can do that without the use of actual safety scissors.

If you’re the type of person that tends to give everybody else a hard time for reasons other than being a judgmental, self-righteous asshole; the following words are specifically for you:

Go fuck yourself.

The last time I checked the flags I fly it wasn’t specifically your flag.

It’s our flag.

That means every single person that so happens to identify in one form or another as part of the lifestyle, all ages, all body types, all gender-specific pronouns and all the experiences in all things kinky and alternative.

The foundation of a community is built in the sharing of common interests as part of an identity. By marginalizing a body of people within an already marginalized group, the effects are detrimental to rest of the community as a whole. It further spreads the gap between our ability to seek out the expand our personal experiences and the urge to abandon it altogether.

At the end of the day in the eyes of everybody outside of the community, we’re really no different than one another. The person that enjoys scat or golden showers? The latex-clad bodysuit rubber fetishists? Rope riggers, impact players, edge players, pet players? We’re all just a bunch of perverted freaks, one and the same, regardless of how we identify or play.

It doesn’t matter what experiences, contributions, and merits you’ve achieved. If you actively make things harder for everyone or appear incapable of relating to the people around you, there may be some serious questions about whether you belong in a part of healthy society in general. Nobody wants to feel excluded, ostracized, or cast out; further perpetrating that with your own behavior is harmful in the most unpleasant way.

Whether due to a difference in terms of practice, opinion, appearance, or some reason or another, don’t be that person. Don’t be a bully. Not even the kind of person that enjoys consensual humiliation. Note the involvement of “consensual” in the previous statement. In other words:

Get the fuck off your high horse.

Nobody likes a bully. I don’t like a bully. Some people enjoy non-consensually bullying bullies, like a hypocritical bully-ception. Don’t give me a reason be that guy.

-drops mic-

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