A Faraway Greeting

Ottawa, ON

Ottawa, ON

“You came. You went. You represented. You followed your heart and never gave up on something that you believe in more than anything else. If that does not speak volumes about the measure of caliber you possess as an individual, I don’t know what does. You have earned that title and won the hearts and affections of countless of people throughout your trip including myself. You glorious son of a bitch. I’m crying at work.”

I’m currently in Toronto, ON. I leave for Vancouver on Wednesday. To all my viewers and subscribers, thank you SO much for your continued support throughout the course of this epic adventure. It would not have been possible to handle the long roads without the distant memory of you, your kind messages of support, and your encouragement throughout these past six months.

Although the adventure has officially been concluded, there remains a great deal of work before my restless heart could settle down, given that these past entries barely cover a fraction of the total collection of stories, issues and events that I wish to cover. This does not mean that the blog will drift off into obscurity – hardly, Gods willing, I intend to post snippets on here somewhat frequently.

Snippets? From what, you ask?

Why, the official novelization of this adventure, which may take at least several months in development along with finding a suitable publisher to distribute it. As mentioned in my previous post, while originally the blog was a non-profit venture, the reality and cost of this long journey is not entirely free. If fate (and the critics) are willing, perhaps there would be enough for a second venture to parts previously unexplored; beyond that, the rest can go to charity and AIDs/cancer research foundations – these two afflictions have touched many lives in both the BDSM and LGBT communities.

During the past few weeks, there has only be a handful more adventures though honestly much of the time has been spent for rest and recovery. While in Ottawa, my left foot began to give out near the ball and ankle, which occasionally forces me to walk around with an actual noticeable limp. This has greatly limited my capacity to explore the Canadian provinces as I had once originally intended to. Budget too has been increasingly tight – after New York, I began tapping into my reserve funds.

However, rest assured, I remain in good health and safe hands. This coming Wednesday there will be a touching reunion with my best friend, my monitor back home, for whom I refer to as the “Angel on my shoulders”. She has kept track of my movements tirelessly, insuring my safety and arrival in parts else, and from what I hear the reunion has been long overdue. After that I am told that I am expecting a bit of a welcome from folks in Vancouver’s own community, many of whom are equally as eager for me to regale them with my findings and stories. I would have loved to bask in the attention though these days I no longer desire that.

Instead I would sooner reflect upon this odyssey with the type of remembrance best understood by those who have accomplished anything that has challenged them. Each and every part of my soul would readily give itself to an eternity of wandering, barred from reincarnation or otherwise, if it would mean finding the same degree of wisdom and enlightenment this adventure has provided me. I would readily die of old age, forever cherishing this time of my youth, forever raising my freak flag high.

I am a flag carrier after all and as incredible as this journey has been it is still far from over. It is a mere part of my life, my story, and in reality one needs only to look to those all around themselves to find stories which parallel my own. Including yours.

From far away, in the humble words of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, long days and pleasant nights; well wishes from afar, your beloved friend and admirer.

– Amos/Yellow
The Masked Deviant

I continue to cherish each of the places, communities and people I have met, but none more than Portland who has continuously – every other day apparently – hounded me with the promise of cheesecake, wild sex, and Yeti’s insufferable activities. Kudos to Victoria, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Denver, Chicago, Philladelphia, New York, Boston, Vermont and beyond.


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