The Long Journey Home

I’m still alive.

The best way to describe the days that follow in short summary would be a haze of euphoria and jubilation. Although not much has occurred other than spending time sleeping in and doing body stretching – a massage right now would be very nice – at the time of this writing I am currently in Vermont.

Briefly I passed by Boston, there to gather and assess my belongings, plot out my course of travel. While I am aware of the fellow kinksters there in that city, I opted instead to take time to rest and recover; the insomnia returned and after 34 hours of no sleep, I managed to gain some rest.

My future plans are to publish all these stories, including ones not mentioned on the blog, into a memoir. I’m told people enjoy reading about these accounts of people generally crazier than they are. If it succeeds, after first covering my expenses (don’t ask), my plan is to donate the proceeds to the AIDs/HIV and cancer research, given how its affected so many in this community and beyond.

Despite having finished my main quest, there has been a constant question that is often brought up:

Will Yellow stop writing about his adventures now that it is over?

Fuck no.

Do you realize how much material I have to cover? How many stories I have been meaning to put into written form whenever it is I’m not dying from exhaustion?

From wild kinky adventures in remote parts, reckless juvenile behavior, deep insightful conversations with total strangers, and a look into the heart of modern society, prejudice and what it means to live freely – all the written stories so far barely scratch the surface of what has transpired.

The quest may be over but now begins a second adventure .

Tales of a Masked Deviant presents:


The Long Journey Home

Coming soon…
(Whenever it is Yellow isn’t passing out from exhaustion)

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4 Responses to The Long Journey Home

  1. Yet another saga of the Masked one…. the beast and I can not wait old friend. The beast would give his energy for you when your not strong……

    • Strength, Truth and Freedom — those are Canadian terms aren’t they? You should know, my beloved friend, because to me you have been an inspiration throughout this journey – you and every other soul who has blessed my life during this great odyssey. The thought of having you all so near makes even the loneliest nights breeze by like nothing.

      • we told you old friend we would be by your shoulder and in each footstep you took. Be Well and enjoy your journey. Life lives in each step we take. Seize your destiny maybe even skip and do a heel kick…… Bon Chance Mon Ami

  2. dierdre1952 says:

    Safe journey, Sweet Man — I hope that your journey home brings you back through Seattle — so that we may entertain you in a proper [hmmm, improper?] manner.

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