The Wish

Lady Liberty, one of your many sons that has now come before you.

I come in the name of all my brothers and sisters, who would share the colors of my flag, for those that have yet to discover it themselves. I fly it high before you that you should acknowledge it, like the many that have come this way carrying their own.

I fly this flag in the name of those that have fallen or lost from prejudice or persecution, for those that have suffered or been cast out from fear or misconception.

I fly this flag in the name of those that struggled and endured, for all their labors of the men and women before me, for all their lost histories and all the trials they faced.

I fly this flag in the name of those who are lost and have yet to find the way, for the ones that still seek the truth to themselves, for those that wait to identify.

I come in the name of the exiles, your sons and daughters, for the moniker laid before you feet. For you, our Mother of Exiles, may embrace us and grant them too the freedoms and joys that others have had in abundance.

I come in the name of their love, their goodness, their compassion.

I come in the name of their joys and sorrows, their triumphs and hardships, their hopes and their fears.

I come to you, shouldering a handful of the stories, for them and for all others not unlike them.

Let my labors be the price paid by tears, sweat and determination.

Let my efforts be testament to their refuge, my health be testament to their love, and my will be testament to their inspiration.

Let me voice their names, both known and yet to be known, to you from my heart.

Let my voice call out to them in the darkness as it does to you in a whisper, so that you to grant them this one wish.

I name them for you, O Liberty, that you may give them hope at times of despair, comfort at times of sorrow, strength at times of weakness. Give them food, warmth and shelter. Give them the same resolve that you have instilled upon me. Grant me this one wish.


Stat Vexillum.
The Flag still Stands.

For all the reasons I have given.
For all the people I have named.
But most importantly:

For YOU.

Whomever you are that should be reading this.

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One Response to The Wish

  1. dierdre1952 says:

    Well written, well said. Thank you!

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