Journey’s End

I apologize, dear readers, for the lack of updates (again). Due to a terrible lack of Wifi within my area, notably the extortionate pay-per-day rates, I have been unable to go online.But where am I, you ask?

As the saying goes, a picture can often speak a thousand words, which on that note I’ll just leave this here:

Times Square, NY

Times Square, NY

After five odd months, along the west coast, across the mid-west, finally arriving at the east coast, this fateful journey has gradually began to reach its end. The true extent regarding how it has affected me can only be left to imagination – there has been few opportunities to cover the experiences that have been gathered, but the mere handful of previous entries has barely scratched the surface of them altogether.

Despite having overcome the many hardships of the lonesome road, facing both physical and mental exhaustion, the goal ahead remains full of problems. There has been a few developments that threaten the final course of this incredible journey.

For starters, due to the lack of connectivity, my planning has been in severe disarray. It has since come to my attention that the security at the Statue of Liberty itself is extremely demanding, so much that they may withhold my flag when I arrive. Beyond that, the room and board is tremendous in comparison to the other locations I’ve covered, leaving me on a terribly short time constraint. Furthermore access to the crown has been restricted to limited reservations, for which I would be forced to compete against due to the high rate of tourism.

In having approached the park board, the city bureau of tourism, and the newspapers, unfortunately my story has either been dismissed or ignored entirely. I have been unable to find any local photographers until recently that may help document the final moments of this adventure. From where things look, the odds are slowly stacking up against me.

The question is how do I feel about it?

Truth be told, I’m concerned, yes, and throughout the course of my travels there have been many periods of doubt and uncertainty. However, I remain unafraid about what lies ahead and beyond these moments there has – perhaps never – been any form of regret.

It seems likely that the outcome is entrusted at this point to fate itself. Fortune has smiled upon me, blessed me with the company and the stories of all those I have met, and I feel some measure of comfort in knowing that I have only tried. I do not know what the future would bring, but I remain somehow optimistic even at such a time.

After all if one man could find it in his heart to discover the beauty and ugliness to the world he loves, to the one that surrounds it, and manage to endure against all odds for what he could believe – I know only that I would repeat this journey in an instance, forever, until the end of time.


Stat Vexillum.
The Flag still Stands.

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One Response to Journey’s End

  1. Felicity says:

    How long will you be staying in NY?

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