Birthday Wish

Last year, when I turned twenty five, I had thought carefully about what I would wish for. At first it seems, being a rational and sensible person, my wish would have been for a successful career, for love, for prosperity; gradually as time passed by, that wish turned towards the wealth of others, my beloved friends and family. In the end, my wish was simply that everyone should experience 25 years of happiness and 25 more at that.

This year, like the many years before it, there have been fluctuations in varying degrees of happiness and despair, of gain and loss, but most of all growth and change. Had someone asked me before whether or not I would have expected to embark on a journey of such a scale, with exponential growth in wisdom and spirit, perhaps once I would have laughed and said, “That’s ridiculous. Pure imagination. Wishful thinking.”

Now it seems that if asked that question, my answer would simply be that yes, it is possible despite what people may think. Life itself is a journey of its own, full of trials and tribulations, and the human capacity to endure merely dictates that by enduring to grow stronger. I would not have thought before that such an odyssey would be possible, perhaps too afraid and too far, too isolated and too unfamiliar to my own knowledge.

If life indeed is a journey, each person alive will embark on it eventually, experiencing unique moments that can only be truly understood by themselves. These moments often occur and go unnoticed but by making the most out of any situation, even the most events can hold great significance. How we perceive it is entirely determined by ourselves, like the beliefs and principles that exists everywhere – truth, merely by definition, is relative to how we choose to define it.

The truth I have since come to believe, in regards to the journey of life, is that such it should never be passed up for anything. True, it may be unrealistic to actively seek adventure, for the world itself can be very harsh and unforgiving, but beyond these subjective limits there should always be an air of resilience.

Therefore this year, like the year before, I choose to break tradition and share with you my one birthday wish: I wish that you would embark, at least once in your life, a journey as rich and fulfilling as mine.

I wish that from that journey you may grow as a person, to learn and understand your true self; that your capacity for change be as able as your own capacity to strive towards honor, integrity and respect.

I wish that from that  journey it would provide insight to the world around you, that you eventually come to appreciate the beauty beneath its rough surface, unparalleled in design and nature. May the truth that you determine be as resolute yet open to those of others surrounding you.

I wish that your journey – be it one you embark alone or together with others – be forever rich with stories, both pleasant and harsh, to remind and inspire you and all your beloved peers. May your journey would enable you to find a place to call home, from that place may you find others with whom you would call your friends and family, that they may embrace you for what it is and who you truly are.

Most importantly, may you raise a flag born from that same love and affection for them, as they have for yourself, and carry it with you along every step of your journey. May that flag you bear never be put to rest. May the flag you carry, be it in physical form or in spirit, stand as tall and proud as it does with mine.

Some people believe that wishes do not come true when told to others. Like the year before, I do not feel the need to hope in favor of this wish simply because I believe in you, whoever you are, wherever you are from, will experience a journey at least once in your lifetime. From one traveler to another, I wish you well.

Your friend,
The Masked Deviant

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2 Responses to Birthday Wish

  1. dierdre1952 says:

    Happy Birthday, Sweet Man!!

  2. Panther_Sir says:

    Glad you shared your birthday and travels at the Midnight Midmuch. You are always welcomed back any time.

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