Viva le Bloggeur de Fetiche

Note: This article is considered Not Safe for Work (NSFW). If you are a blood relative, please stop reading and move onto the next entry.

Sometime during my extended stay in Portland, the word spread around rather quickly, and eventually I am contacted by an anonymous Lady Friend, whom I had met during the course of KinkFest and over the course of the weekend. We decided to get together one evening. The conversation went like this:

Me:                         Hey. Did you want to meet up?
Lady Friend:      Yes, I do. There’s only one problem…
Me:                         What’s that?
Lady Friend:       I don’t feel like putting any clothes on.
Me:                         I AM ON MY WAY.

ImageViva le Bloggeur de Fetiche.

Next Update: The Missing Socks & Other Stories

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