The Fortune Telling

On Wednesday, at a quiet corner away from the PDX munch, I had my fortune told to me. First, I was made to join hands with the gentleman doing this, then from a bag I drew thirteen stones. This is the part where I wish I had some form of photographic memory:

1.) Vancouver. The first stone was dark. Cloudy thoughts, a troubled mind; issues with family back home, a gloominess borne from heart break and unfulfilled desires.

2.) Victoria. A dark green stone with light hues. A renewed sense of adventure, satisfaction; the discovery of unexpected results, positive, wonderment.

3.) Seattle. Medium teal. The feeling of added wonderment, imagination reborn; an inspiration, a renewed vision for the purpose of my travels; mild anxiety stemmed from eagerness, youthful spirit.

4.) Portland. Cloudy pink with dark grey. The reflection of the late spring weather. A sense of mixed feelings, likely drawn from the loss of my agenda; a delay and hinderance, the return of absent thoughts, realizations and discoveries; inuition and foresight.

5.) San Francisco. Light brown with blue. Disappointment from unrealistic expectations, a sense of underachievement; a spiritual awakening, drawn from self realizations.

6.) Los Angeles/Irvine. Dark blue, signalling the inevitable return to thoughts left unattended; issues from before coming to light, an unwelcome test, parallel to revisited worries irrelevant to the present.

7.) Las Vegas. Bright blue. Caution is advised, a sense of awe and bewilderment; the discovery of unforeseen circumstance, unexpected results that are positive; beneath the pretty lights and attraction, vice and gloom, hence the added warning.

8.) Denver. A time of reflection, building towards a new look in perspective; a period of doubt, driven by anxiety; a type of insight to others, gradual acceptance of present events. Hope.

9.) Cities east, Chicago (originally Kentucky and South Carolina). Determination, inspiration; fueled by experiences, a type of understanding to others; brief lapse of judgment, driven motivation.

10.) New York. Triumph, jubilation; a time of intense emotional fluctuation, requiring rest and recovery; celebration, profound spiritual energy. A victory or accomplishment.

11.) Return to Canada. Inner peace, new look towards surrounding world; patience, virtue, and humility; discovery of opportunity and future goals, cause for contemplation and thought.

12.) Alberta, Canada. Fatigue, followed by comfort. Toll of adventure kicking in. Rest and recuperation; a time for planning, course setting.

13.) Vancouver. Courage, motivated by experience; contribution, motivation and ambition; a time for celebration, notably the Pride Parade; old friends and renewed acquaintances, wisdom beyond measure.

Time will tell whether these things come true but the accuracy of them has been remarkable so far. Fortunes have always been a two-way street in that it is open to interpretation.

The adventure continues!

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